In recent years Forest School programmes have become more and more popular within early years and primary education, as all of our session criteria can easily be linked to the EYFS and key stages 1-2 curriculum.


Forest School programmes have proved to build confidence in learners, boost self-esteem, well-being and enable "wider thinking patterns". 

"Risk taking" is an important part of our programmes. In a Forest School environment it can be defined as pushing the boundaries of your learning, trying something new and moving out of your comfort zone.


In fact, it would seem to be an environment that encourages the confidence to make a mistake or to fail, in the knowledge that you have the time to try again, as well as the time to reflect and make changes or improve your original attempt.


Earthlings Forest School offers bespoke packages for schools to suit all of your requirements. Don't worry if you don't have a woodland on your doorstep or can't make it to our site, we can arrange a site assessment within your school grounds to utilize the space you have and set up a temporary site for your sessions.


For further information, please send us a short message and we will be happy to get in touch to answer any questions or arrange a friendly chat.

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