Earthlings Forest  School

are proud members of green tourism, 

we have been given a silver award for our green efforts.

Keeping Green

Earthlings Forest School is committed to keeping our planet green, we take every step possible in minimizing our impact to the environment when planning our sessions and encourage our participants to work with us on this cause.


At all of our sites, we carry out comprehensive environmental impact assessments, which are reviewed regularly.

When attending our sessions,

we encourage all our participants to walk, cycle, use public transport or car share with other group members in order to reduce carbon foot printing.

At all of our sites we set up

temporary composting toilets

for the duration of the session. We have had our loo twinned with a loo in Gbadoua, Central African Republic. If you would like to help flush away poverty  visit:

After every session, we are careful 

to ensure that any rubbish is removed

and recycled or disposed of accordingly, leaving the woodland as we found it.

We offer locally sourced, 

fair trade refreshments at our sessions, and pride ourselves on serving only healthy and delicious vegetarian food.

We carefully select all of the products 

we use to ensure they are earth friendly. 

from biodegradable nappies, to Eco

cleaning products and recycled paper. 

Occasionally we will make tracks

and change the location of our 

sites, this is to reduce impact to

the land and allow the ground time

to recover. 

green tourisum team shot
green tourisum team shot

Composting toilet
Composting toilet

Or on-site composting loo with nappy changing facilities.

GT england silver
GT england silver

We have received a silver award from green tourism!

green tourisum team shot
green tourisum team shot


Find you nearest recycling center

Recycling symbols on packaging can be confusing don't necessarily mean what we think. Click below for a helpful guide 

We invite our participants at Earthlings and our local community to join us in our mission of cutting back on waist and keeping our planet green.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!

For more information on how to recycle correctly in Surrey, as well as handy hints and tips please visit: