Free activities 

Fun things to take part in and free downloadable Earthlings resources for families, teachers and fellow Forest School folk

This page is for all those nature loving families, teachers and Forest School folk looking for inspiration. We will be posting a range of activities that we will be hosting at our sessions, that you can take part in too!

Not only that but free sessions and events you can attend at our site throughout the year

RSPB Big School's/garden Bird Watch

25th-27th January 2020

The RSPB birdwatch has been running for 40 years and is the worlds largest wildlife survey, its also something that Earthlings has been taking part in for many years. The bird watch is completely free to take part and so much fun for all ages. 

you can sign up online at and will be sent a free pack with lots of ideas of how to attract birds to your garden, a spotter sheet to log what you see and lots of other useful resources.

Here's a couple of our ideas to do along with this 

cookie cutter bird feeder

bird feeder.jpg

These Bird Cookies are super cute and easy to make.


You will need:

A couple of mugs full of bird seed 

Veggie gelatin or hard vegetable fat

Any shape cookie cutter ​

natural twine

wooden skewer or something to poke a hole with

Add the bird seed to a bowl, if you are using fat, you can place this in and squidg with your hands until it softens and mixes in with the seed (just start with small amounts and add more as needed-you want the mixture to mold together)

This is a great sensory activity for very young children

If you are using veggie gelatin sachets, read the instructions on the pack and add necessary amount of water. Add this to the seed and mix with a wooden spoon (make sure its cool before you or your kids pop your paws in there)

place your cookie cutters on a baking tray, then take small amounts of the mixture and push inside until filled. 

Poke a hole in each one so you can add the twine late, place in the fridge for an hour  or so to set (if you are doing this outside and it is cold, they they may just set on their own)

Finally, add the twin, hand and enjoy!

Bird Bingo

This little beauty I made years back when we first stared doing the birdwatch. It's a really simple game, great for all ages and helps you to identify and remember the names of all the bird you will be looking out for.

It's always a welcome favorite activity at our bird watching session, they even match the birds in your RSPB pack.

These bingo cards and full instructions on how to play can be downloaded for free blow.