The main focus of a Forest School session is for the children to explore and learn through self lead play. Along side this  we will also have some planned  activities that the children may choose to take part in , every day is a new adventure!

Any planned activities are optional and are always seasonal. Here is just some of what  we offer

 Our activities

Nature walks are a great way to get familiar with the woodland environment. From learning about tree identification to looking at plants and wildlife, a simple stroll through the woods can be a huge learning opportunity and a chance to slow ourselves down and take in nature's beauty.




The fire is often the heart of our sessions, a place to gather for stories, ukulele sing songs, marshmallow toasting and in winter months, for warmth. Our participants get the opportunity to learn the primitive art of fire lighting in a safe and controlled environment. From gathering the fuel to the science behind using flint and steel blocks to light it, as well as how to safely maintain it.


Wild food foraging

​ Wild food foraging is a great way to promote health diets and life styles. Our foraging sessions are seasonal and can be anything from collecting wild garlic and stinging nettles to make soup or fritters, elder flower cordial, acorn bread, blackberry jam making. Participants will journey the whole process, from identifying the plants and gathering them, to preparing and cooking them on an open fire.

STORy telling

​ Being in a natural environment, especially a woodland can be a magical experience and open up the imagination, this makes the perfect setting for storytelling. We often see participant opening up their creative minds and developing their own stories to share with the group.  



There are so many opportunities to spark the senses when we put ourselves back into the natural world. Textures, smell, sounds and colours. This is especially wonderful for younger children, a chance to explore natural materials in our mud kitchen or sound making workshops.

Woodland craft can be anything from basic tool use, to mini bushcraft sessions or even creating natural art from woodland materials. This is a chance for participant to get stuck in, learn practical skills and express their creativity.

Woodland crafts